Universal Remote to control both IR and RF devices?


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a remote which is able to not only learn and output IR, but also RF signals. Does anyone know of such a control?

The RF is for my screen and also the alarm system, whilst of course the IR for my other devices.

Additionally, the unit would need to have the ability to output specific IR commands to specific IR emitters, as I have some conflicting codes between my Yam AVR and my RGB lighting system.

Any help greatly appreciated :)



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I think that controlling specific items that use RF will be a problem. Although some universal remotes are capable of sending RF, this is normally just for use with a specific RF to IR extender, not for controlling devices.

Might be worth finding out if there's a generic RF extender that'll work with the devices (check any device-specific forums), then look for a remote that can drive the extender.


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Thanks for that Clockworks, I had a hunch that would be the case but always worth asking first!

My second option was to use a Velleman-type kit which will use IR codes to control relays. The relays will then close the contacts of the buttons within my two RF transmitters. Will just have to encase all the units in a project box, and fit a PSU to power the RF transmitters and Velleman kit. More hassle, but a fun little project to do over the cold January evenings!!


There are no universal remotes for devices that are controlled by RF.


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Hi all,

The RF is for my screen and also the alarm system, whilst of course the IR for my other devices.
This is not exactly the answer you will be looking for as it is not suggesting a remote IR/RF control alone, but more of a suggested possible workaround.

You may want to look at this company and the two IR/RF modules they make.

This one seems to control screens

This one specifically mentions Logitech remotes and "beamer screen" control as they call it, but has the added advantage of a built in timer to do stuff while you are not there!

They will be able to tell you if it is compatible with your screen. They were very helpful when I emailed about my stuff.

If it is compatible with your screen you can then consider a Logitech (or other learning) remote as it seems to work with any remote that can learn IR.

I have just bought the Bang & Olufsen compatible one to control my HomeEasy lighting and sockets


PS there is an annoying Java pop-up on their pages for some users - it seems to be something to do with an Xmas themed banner on the pages.
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