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    First I would like to say hello to all as a newbie, I work for a company that imports and sells dvd`s and cd`s to a lot of the high street stores and we also supply Amazon, so as you can imagine my software has started to increase. At the moment I have a Denon AVC-A10SE, AE speakers+sub. My DVD player is the one I want to upgrade, it is a Toshiba SD220e.

    I would like something that would play sacd as well as DVD, the Denon 2900 is one that I have thought about as it is capable of progressive scan which would come in handy for a future upgrade on the visual side of things.

    In an ideal world it would be nice to have top notch seperates but I cant afford that, so would I be right in thinking that the Denon is one of the first contenders to help us part with our money with a half decent universal player? or are there any models out there that could compare to the Denon for price and features?

    Hope this aint tooo much to ask but any advise would be welcomed.
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    Hi u8myufo

    The 2900 is a fantastic SACD/DVDA player. Much much better than the Pioneer 656 or 757. Dunno about the 868 though.

    If you do buy universal player make sure it does bass management for BOTH formats. The 2900 does - many other players only do bass management for one of the formats which is a real pain unless you genuinely have 5 full range speakers.

    I didn't buy the 2900 as IMHO it's picture is not as good as the Pioneer 656 I have at present. I'm waiting to play with an Pioneer 868 and Denon A11.

    As always, I highly recommend you do a home demo in your room with your speakers/amp and your ears/eyes......


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