Unique software wanted - save my IR remote control codes to disk



UPDATE : I've found more in the last week and received a reply from one
author who's worked with IR. It seems he thinks that IR for remotes is
different than the IR used for computer communications. But as I find out more I'll update you all who are reading -
I've searched for over a year and found too much. Let me explain quickly.

Many people developed very involved systems for saving IR remote signals
and then controlling their a/v system with their computer.

I want something so very simple but can't find it that I feel as if I'm
lost in a world of too much. All I want is a terminal type program which
will look at the incoming signals from the USB IRDA* (a transmit / receive device) and allow me to save them (as ascii ) to a file. Later I would
like to play back the 'record' button's code stream like I would an mp3
song. Except it would output to the IRDA device* so that whatever was
listening (pointed at ) the computer would respond to the signals as if
the remote was making the signal.

And then like a keyboard types out a letter at a time I'd like to be able to
send out a code at a time , combining them in a macro, so that I can
control my XM radio with the computer.

The main 2 reasons are here:

1. If I lose my Olympus remote 1 more time I'll be up over $100 for replacing
the remote. That little bugger is over $30 and it's the size of a quarter.
It would be helpful to have the codes on my computer so if I don't need to
drag out the remote I don't have to. (I use it for low light shots of closeup
work where I don't want to move the camera)

2. To delete commercials on my 'commercial free' XM radio. I calculated that
if I delete each commercial for a year that I record with my Nexus XM
I will have pushed the buttons 185,000 times. That's got to wear on the
buttons. AND if I can make it automatic it might be faster than pushing buttons. example: I see a commercial. push a button on the computer and
faster than I can push buttons on the remote the computer sends the
codes to move the menus around on the XM to finally delete that commercial.

Other people want to control their whole AV system and in those instances
I guess they need software that looks like a big remote controller.

I don't need that. I'd be happy if I could just save and playback the

I'd actually like to do it in DOS if possible. That way I could run everything on
an old small cheap 286 laptop ..

Anyway. I'd appreciate the help finding what is simple but impossible for me
to find.

Here's some links that I've found that don't work as they're too involved.

... will post them if you need them..

Thanks - if anyone else is working on this I'm glad to help you.

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