Unique Signal problem (few channels only)


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Oct 2, 2009
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Hi there,

Been having some problems with my HD Thomson box for quite a while now and have ran out of ideas. So thought I would put it out to the rest of you guys.

Problem - Low signal quality ( pixels and cut out during certain times of the day) on only a few channels. Virgin 1 being the one I am annoyed about, but also ones like Dmax and Hallmark seem to have similar problems, Dmax is unwatchable.
The signal strength is always fine, just quality is almost at zero.

What I have done:

Dish is aligned and LNB has been replaced, both inputs are fine.
Replaced capacitors in PSU with the upgraded satcure kit.
RF mains filter.
Hard drive upgraded.
Instant rewind off.

Any ideas?

The channels that you are having trouble with are of horizontal polarization ( 2 from Eurobird, 1 from Astra ). If everything else is OK as you describe, it could be that a small LNB skew adjustment is all that's needed. See:

UKSatelliteHelp.co.uk - Archive for Installation Guides

Otherwise, maybe cable fault?

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