Question Unidentified status bar icon (Huawei p20)


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Hi there, I've had the pictured icon in my status bar for a few weeks, I can't figure out what it is. It sits next to the battery %.


I've looked at permissions and notifications for all the programs running that I can see, I've also used activity launcher to look at anything running in the background. I've also run Malware bytes to see if it's anything nefarious. It doesn't seem to be. I still really want to understand what it is tho. Has anyone seen it before?
Ps ive also done a reverse image search, nothing either.


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Do you have Ookla Speed test app installed?
Very similar Icon.
I agree, thanks but sadly, no...

As far as I can see its either a Vodafone thing, a Huawei thing or a UK network think. Huawei and Vodafone both have no idea. This is weird.


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Start your phone in Safe Mode(long press on power button then long press power off and select safe mode(it may differ on your phone so google it first)) if it disappears it will be an app you have installed.
Then you have to uninstall and re-install to see which app it is.

Unless someone else pops up and identifies it first ;)

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