Unhappy With My Nokia.


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Hi all,

August this year i did an upgrade with o2 from an aging Nokia to a 6303 on a 24 month contract.

I have many Nokias over the years and they have been brilliant, doing everything that i needed. This one however, is a total disaster. Slow, unresponsive, freezing etc etc.

After reading various reviews this seemed like a good idea at the time, however this phone is causing me no end of problems.

So, what i am asking is, will 02 exchange this Nokia for an IP4 if i changed contracts?

Just though i would ask you educated people before i started the lengthy phone call process :D



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Well, August was a while ago!
I would very much doubt they would exchange now. Your option is probably to buy a second hand iP4 or splash out on the SIM free one from Apple direct and then change your tarrif. Sneaking suspicion O2 will regards your 3+ month old Nokia as well used. You can always flog it though (try getting it unlocked first for more dosh).


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Nope, they didnt want to know, which TBH im not surprised.

Anyhow, i am considering perhaps purchasing an Iphone of some sort, and just swapping my existing sim over to it.

I think the only thing that i wont get is visual voicemail (whatever that is), so no big deal.


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