Unexpensive Leads question


david park

Getting Panasonic AE500 projector tomorrow and initially will use a S-video lead that I allready have.

But will replace it when in a day or two I get the projector on the wall.

I see Maplins have a home cinema 15 mtr. lead at £14-99 and could use one of them.

I will at some time change the player to a progressive scan machine and I know then I will need to use a component video lead. Maplins as far as I can tell do not have a long one as they do the above.

Anyone got ideas on who will?
(Normal reasonable quaulity cable is ok for me, do not want to spend more on the cable than my DVD player!)


Why not make your own component cables, 3x15 meter RG59 double screened coax @ 49p per meter = £22.05 plus you'll need 6xrca plugs, Maplins do a screened plug at 50p a throw so £3 for plugs total £25 as near as damit, quality will be as good if not better than a lot of the ready made over the counter jobbies and a lot cheaper as well ;)

david park

Thanks Kramer for the move to correct forum, I'm new so sorry for my lack of thought.

Thanks that's a good idea, I have a solder gun so could well make my own. Another advantage is then I can have exact length, no worries if 10 mtr, too short or 15 mtr. too long.

Ian J

Originally posted by david park
I see Maplins have a home cinema 15 mtr. lead at £14-99 and could use one of them.

According to reports that I have read it isn't much good.

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