Uneven color PJTX200


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My PJTX200 is suffering form uneven color temperature: it seems like the left of the screen displays a more yellowish white, the right side has a more cool looking white.
Very annoying to f.i.watch subtitles that turn from yellowy to bluey white.
I don't think the pj had the problem when I bought it.
Does anybody have the same problem or a solution?

Peter Parker

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Hi Eric,

Colour uniformity problems are pretty common with LCDs and LCoS displays to some degree or another. The LCoS displays can have this uniformity reduced via the service menu (completely in some cases I beleive), but it's a lengthy process. I don't think it can be done with LCDs though.

Th pj may have had it since new, but it's only now that you're used to it that you've started to notice it. If it's a relatively new pj, you may be able to get it swapped for another one, but the new one may not be any better (it could even be worse).

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