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Reviewed by Keith Hurst, 18th January 2010
It’s joy to see Eureka’s ongoing pursuit of releasing non mainstream European and Asian movies into the European marketplace. Over the period we have covered a fair number here, this is now added to that collection and added to a growing Blu-ray catalogue from which you’ll find some absolute gems. Godard is not to everyone’s taste... the whole French New Wave movement itself leaves me a little cold most of the time but I have to admit I do enjoy the scene construction and cinematography they present.

Une Femme Mariée is no different in that regard; there’s some beautifully shot scenes, with composition and angles you perhaps would never have dreamed of. Then the dialogue enters the frame and for me at least spoils an almost perfect moment. It is that dialogue which I usually tune out to, taking in the film from a purely visual point of view: it still works.

As a package you could have perhaps expected a few more extras; perhaps a documentary on Godard or the New Wave movement, however there is that wonderful booklet to peruse and that in itself makes up for some of the actual disc content’s short comings. The audio is pure but nothing to write home about and the video has been cleaned without the expense of digital scrapping. An excellent watch, I’m glad to have it in my collection, but this like many other Godard films is not everyone’s cup of tea.
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