Underworld question.



Thinking about buying "Underworld" region 3. Silly question-but will this dvd be in English:confused:


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I had this and sold it on.

The DVD is all in English and has a very loud DTS soundtrack too. :smashin:


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Might make the film almost bearable as well!


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Watched it last night. What an appalling film. Embarrassed to say I had bought it. Kate might at least sound more credible in Korean.


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Originally posted by chris110
I think its probably one of those films you either Love or Hate. I gotta say I love it :D
Me too .. I thought it created a great atmosphere, I loved the dark colours and textures and the mood they created. Sure, the story was somewhat less than believable, but at least much of the acting was tolerable and most of the stunts were plausible, both unlike *cough* The Matrix *cough* for example. :)

In particular I thought Kate was exccellent .. she could bite my neck any night. :D

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