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Vacuous, air-headed and ultimately bereft of any acting talent whatsoever, Underworld: Evolution is a cluster of so-so CG set-pieces and colourless (literally and thematically) action. To paraphrase Albert Finney in the classic Miller’s Crossing, if I never see Scott Speedman again … it will be soon enough. The concept of werewolves and vampires at war is pure comic-book stuff, but even as a devout lover of the two creature-genres I think the idea, cinematically, stinks. Len Wiseman is also a hopeless director of anything other than action – I’ll admit that I loved his Die Hard 4.0 despite many reservations going in (all connected to his Underworld films) – and somehow the camera’s fawning over his wife – as gorgeous as she is – just made me feel uncomfortable. This is a director who is quite clearly getting off on filming his missus for the public.

And he certainly gets a good enough transfer on this BD release to showcase her, ahem, attributes. The image, as bleached as it is, is stunning and the sound is excellent, too. Extras-wise, there is a fair bit enhancing the overall package, but I found them of a one-watch-only affair and the commentary can be a tad irritating. “I love this shot,” and “I love that shot” – who gives a Donald Duck? Self-praise is no praise at all, Lenny. Ultimately, the Underworld movies are over-reachers but under-achievers. This one especially.
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Damn this McEneany dude, he picks on all the movies I like! Whats next, FIFTH ELEMENT!!! I have to agree that the first film is much better as I prefer lower budget sci-fi with ambition (Terminator, Highlander, Equilibrium) and this film clearly misses the hilarity of Lucien. He was the most NON threatening bad guy since Bennett in Commando. His tiny stature, big hair and hammy acting were awesome as the king of werewolves. Sadly he ain't in the second one (Heard it was a falling out with director!) and the lack of Kraven as well really leaves an empty hole in the movie which is sadly filled with more BLAND Scott Speedman and Cadfiel!

It does have glossier production values and a kick ass last 20 minutes and needs to be owned to carry on this (hopefully) trilogy.

Cheer up Chris, it's good fun and deserves at least a 7 out of 10 for the awful and awkward looking sex scene! (Is he doing her belly button!)

Chris McEneany

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Nice one, Hoff! :rotfl:

I suppose Underworld needs someone to love it ... and I should have guessed it would be you!! ;) Lucien is definitely missed in this movie. But what really rankles me is the pure wanton posturing from Beckinsale trying to act tough but sexy. This is Trinity's ballpark and no other girl has come close to Carrie-Anne Moss - sleek, super-skilled and super-hot AND u care about her. And just don't get me started on Speedman, ok? A coma-victim has a broader range of emotion than he can muster whenever a camera is on him. :rolleyes:

Tell u what, check out the review for The Road Warrior ... I'm sure we might finally find something that we agree on, dude. :D

Mad Mac :devil:


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It's nice when we agree. (Doesn't happen much!!!)

Mad Max 2 rules! I couldn't get over how good this film looks. They have done a sweet restoring job here, I watched 5 mins of this on normal t.v. the other day and it looked terrible. The film still rocks and I thought the sound was decent for such an old and modestly made flick.

We also have great bad guys! The hilarious and constantly flexing muscle dude and the AWESOME Vernon ("Getting old John!") Wells with his camp man-bitch on the back of his bike!


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