Underworld - Everything, Everything DVD


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Just tried to buy this online - a few sites say it's not released until 13/01/03.

Did it go OOP and is being re-released?

Is the re-release the same as the original?


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Oddly I went throught exactly the same loop as you last night as well.... Almost went for the Region 1 disc which I did find, but decided to wait for some more details of this R2 "new release".

Clive (Being of no help whatsoever!)


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Just a quick msg to say - this is an excellent DVD. I have the original version and was not aware of a re-release. Underworld must have been one of the first bands to embrace DVD and 5.1 etc. The original DVD has a number of excellent features - giving you the option of mixing concert footage with the images they use as backdrops for theig gigs (developed by their own media company - Tomato).

I was sorry to miss them on their last tour as my wife was having a baby - poor excuse. But you will enjoy the DVD when ever you get it.



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