Underwhelmed by new Yamaha RX-V685. Any tips?


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I just replaced my quite old Denon AVR-1713 with a brand new Yamaha RX-V685 to match my new TV for 4K and modernize my setup. Totally happy with the features and watching 4K content. But I can’t believe my ears. The Yamaha sounds totally dull, flat and uninspiring compared to the Denon. Soundstage became smaller. Surrounds became very seperated, like I can hear the distinctive speaker instead of sounds coming from behind. For instance in scenes with a background like city noises or bar chatter, everything is smaller, I’m not ‘in it’ anymore. Or with music concert blu-ray’s like Springsteen Live in Barcelona it’s like I’m not in the hall surrounded by public like with the Denon. DSP does add more reverb and makes things muddier. Actually I’m underwhelmed.

I did callibrate using YPAO. I have Q-Acoustic 3010 speakers in 5.1 setup.

Any tips, advice, experiences?


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The RXV685 isn't a new model and has been in existence for nearly 3 years. It has been replaced by the RXV6A.

Many dislike the signature sound assopciated with Denon AV receivers and prefer something less clinical, especially relative to musical sources. After saying this, I'd not regard Yamaha's signature sound as being adversely warm or lacking detail. If anything, Yamaha AV receivers are regarded as being on the brighter side of things.

Maybe try using the FLAT PEQ as opposed to the NATURAL PEQ option?

Denon DSP? I'd regard Yamaha's own DSP options to be far more extensive than anything onboard any Denon model. Yamaha are also far more experienced with such processing than most AV receiver manufacturers. If it weren't for Yamaha and thei inroads into DSP processing then surround sound in home theatres woudn't have become a n option at all. You'd probably benefit more from the Yamaha's DSP abilities by adding presence speakers though. You'd also be able to portray Atmos soundtracks if you add such speakers.
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I did a lot of tweaking in the parametric EQ en set the DSP presets a lot less drastic and now I'm totally happy. Actually I think YPAO is more of a starting point and the Yamaha has a vast amount of tweakable settings while Audassys is more a 'set it and forget it' system.


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Just got one myself and tweaking the settings, the Audyssy set up was a bit reserved but I'm happy so far, not a bad phono stage either.

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