understanding latency and speed


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im just trying to understand latency a little bit mainly for gaming,,now i know a low latency is good but how much does speed come into it aswell.

for instance a have a 1mb connection with average 38 ping to bbc..

now lets say i had a 10mb connection with double the ping of 76 to bbc

would the 10mb connection be considered worse for gaming even though it is 10mb of speed??

is it all about lantency for gaming,and not about speed,,or is speed more important

lol,,just sat here having a few buds so excuse me if it doesnt make sense :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:


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Latency is how long it takes your stuff to get to someone and back again.

Bandwidth (speed) is merely the maximum amount of stuff you can shove through at the same time.

Once you've been sent and sent out everything that's happening now then you can't send out anything else because it hasn't happened yet so as long as you've got sufficient bandwidth for the game then more isn't going to make much difference. (and most games are happy on fairly low bandwidth connections).

The same is true of latency, but as a practical matter latencies are still high enough that they affect the human gamer so at the moment lower is better.


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so i would not benift from say having a 10mb connection if the ping was so high,so enough speed is prob aroung 2mb its low latency thats inportant,,i thought it was,,to many people i hear are saying i should be good for gaming as i have 15mb connection,,which is no good if the latency is so high.

cheers man :smashin:

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