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Under carpet speaker cable


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I would say suitable for surround speakers only, I have some here they have very little copper within the insulation
has your carpet got gripper? if so you can run quite meaty cable by the side of it just get the underlay to be cut a little shy of the gripper to allow room


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While running speaker wire under carpet along the fringe is fine as SolidAmber has shown, you do not want to run it in high traffic areas without some additional protection. Constant foot traffic causes the carpet to flex slightly and over time (a long time) that will wear away at the insulation eventually causing the wire to short.

Notice in the drawing provided, the cable is very much along the edge of the room. and within reasonable limited protected.

Now FLAT Cable is made just for this purpose, but one still has to apply some common sense in using it.

As an alternative, trunking/raceway/conduit can be run along the Skirting Board to hide cable and still do a decent job of unobtrusively blending in.

Here is one manufacturer in the UK. Though any Building Supply store will have a variety of similar Raceway.

Cable management cable tidy cable cover cord covers cable management

Television cable cover Stereo cord covers cable management cord organiser

Floor cable cover cable organiser cord covers floor cable cover

Cable tidy cable management floor cable cover TV cable cover management

Give it some consideration.



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Thanks both,

I currently use 8 metre of QED silver micro wire per speaker, which I think, gives a v good sound quality (not that I'm an expert). But am moving house and will need longer wires... Do you think the Fisual flat will give similar sound quality to what I already have?

Also the Fisual is 16AWG, so the wire table (roger russell) recommends a maximum of 36 feet for my 6 Ohm speakers. Therefore I should be just within the limit. Am confused to why these wouldn't be suitable. Any thoughts?
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As per the previous two replies, don't do it. I ran flat speaker cable under our lounge carpet a few years ago and, within a few weeks we could see exactly where they were which resulted in having to lift the carpet and rerun new cables alongside the carpet gripper exactly as described above by solidamber.




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You are interpreting the Roger Russell site correctly. It is also helpful to go to American Wire Gauge at Wikipedia. There is a handy chart that give the cross sectional area of AWG wire in mm. For example, AWG 16ga is 1.31mm². AWG 14ga is 2.08mm².

American wire gauge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Chart also has IMPEDANCE (resistance actually) for various wire sizes in both ohms per 1000 feet and ohms per kilometer. Inductance and capacitance figure on wire are extremely rare and difficult to find.

Also note for speaker wire, the wire goes out and comes back, so a 10 foot of speaker wire is actually 20 feet of wire, 10ft out and 10ft back.

Roger Russell - Wire -

Speaker Wire

AWG 16ga = 36 feet MAX for 6 ohm speakers

I suspect the Fisual Flat will be fine. Just remember the other things we've said about running wire under carpet.

Notice in SolidAmber's diagram, the wire runs along the wall, and is down in a little protected channel between the underlay and the carpet gripper. That makes it very protected and subject to far less wear.



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Thanks all. I'll take your advice and use d-line to cover up a run along a skirting board. I've singled out the van damme 2.5 mm, which seems to be a popular choice. However, how flexible is the van damme speaker cable? Will it bend sufficiently to go round 90 degree corners within the D-line?

Thanks in advance


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If you are talking about the Van Damme Studio Blue wire, in general that is fine wire, but it is Double Insulated. That is rather then being like common household extension cord, two wires side by side, it it more like a heavy duty extension cord with two inner insulated wire wrapped in a third layer of insulation.

Take a close look at the photo on this webiste and you will see what I mean -

Van Damme Studio Grade Blue Speaker Cable 2.5mm - Speaker Cables - Audiovisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

This is pretty thick wire. If your channel raceways will accommodate it, then fine, no problem.

But if there is limited space then QED (single insulated) 79 Strand will do just as good a job.

QED 79 Strand Speaker Cable - Speaker Cables - Audiovisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

This has nothing to do with the quality of the wire. I just want to make sure the Channels or Raceway that you use will accommodate the number of wires you have. If the channels will, then problem solved.



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The look pretty much the same with the exception of the price. These are half-circle. Is that want you want. Because ScrewFix also has quadrant or quarter-round trunking which would work better along the floor/wall seam -

D-Line Quadrant Trunking White 22 x 22mm x 2m Pack of 6 | Screwfix.com

Zoom in and scroll down to the end to get a clearer picture of what I mean.

The first type is half-round or semi-circle. The second type is quarter-round, or like a 1/4 slice of a pie.

Just a thought.



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if your Running Satellite Speakers and ULTIMATE quality is not your goal can i suggest using Cat5. im using it here and it sounds perfect! i got all my Rear's on one run of Cat5. if you want more Quality go for Multicore from Canford Audio :)

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