Question Under 16 sub account wont play minecraft or Star Wars online?


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ok its like this. I have a PS3 with my master account on it. We also have a sub account for someone aged 12 on a new PS4 he has. Now thing is he can't play minecraft or the new star wars battlefront online. I have turned off parental control and allowed it on the PS4 but it still wont let him play minecraft or star wars battlefront online.

I've tried all sorts and now its doing my head in?

Any ideas please.


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He should be able to play Minecraft, my 12 year old can. But if you've set an age of 12 to the sub account, he won't be able to play Battlefront, as it's a 16 and the online restriction is strict.

For Minecraft, is the PS4 set up as your accounts primary system?

If you've set his age as 12 and want him to be able to play 13+ games online (All origin games such as FIFA are 13+ regardless of some being PEGI 7), then you may want to set up another account for him.


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I know this is an old forum but could you help me with something. See I have the same problem but it’s with all the games on the console, not any specific ones. I turn the age restriction either off or onto the highest setting, I would very much appreciate the help. 👍


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Some tips:

- Online requires access to a PS+ account
- Online age restriction strictly uses account holders set age
- Parental settings will only work for local play and a linked child account
- EA games use an age limit of 13 or older for online play

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