Under £120?


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I'm thinking of getting an all in one remote, but I have absolutely no idea where to start.

I want it to take care of all of the usual functions on my TV, DVD and Video plus it's got to be able to replace my Amp remote. I've had, including the original one 3 handsets, but each one has crapped out on me and won't switch it on/off. I had the same prob with each one.

As the title suggests I don't want to spend loads but I do want a good, solid and reliable item. Any suggestions?

One that can handle SKY+ would be an advantage.


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shahedz said:
stretch your budget by another £15 and get a harmony 885, can handle all your needs incl sky + and really is worth the money! it is a top remote to use, handle and programme!
Thanks for the tip :)

Where can I read more info on this? I'm really not technically minded so small words would be good, How easy is this to sync into my kit?

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you need to use the original remote to, well, teach the new allin1 what the different functions are. If this is so wiil I have problems with my Amp remote not turning it on but still working on all of the other functions?


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Check out the logitech harmony website and you can do a test drive of the remote to see how you get on. YOu can load up all your equipment and see how the logic is set-up for the buttons.



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