I am about to dip my toes into the DVD market and am undecided between two machines. They are the Panasonic DVD-X10EBS and the Sony DVP-NS700V. (Don't ask me why I decided on these two particular ones, fairly random really.) Does anyone have any experience with either of these? I would appreciate any guidance on this.
Don't know about the Panasonic but if you do a search for the Sony on the forum, you'll find there has been plenty said about this player (mostly good too). I suppose you might find something for the Panasonic also if you do a similar search.:D
I have a Sony 700 (multiregion from Techtronics) and love it. Great value for the money and plays SACD too which blows CD away big time.

I recommend heartily.

Just for info Panasonic also have two new DVD Players out now/soon which might be worth a look, The Panasonic DVDRA82EBS (Plays DVD Audio discs) and the DVDRV62EBS,

Limited details of which are on the panasonic.co.uk site.


There is nice big zip file picture of the DVDRA82EBS on the Italian Panasonic site.


www.electricaldiscountuk.co.uk has some limited details on the DVDRV62EBS and price. Some of the European Panasonic sites reports that both of these new players can play VCD's and support DVD-RAM playback which I don't think the DVDXV10EBS can do and the DVDRA82EBS DVD-Audio player also has two SCARTS which I presume one will be a passthrough useful when your TV has only 1 RGB input like my Panasonic Widescreen TV :(.


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