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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by projectionist2001, Jul 9, 2001.

  1. projectionist2001


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    A good point has been made on another thread about the robocop criterion DVD saying that the disc isnt anamorphic and not in DD5.1/DTS or whatever.
    This is where it gets interesting..
    Would you rather have the whole (UNCUT) version of the film with a basic sound/picture package or would people rather see a cut censored version of the film in the best sound quality and anamorphic picture.

    Also If anyone knows of any good "Directors cut" or "uncut" discs let me know!

    To name a few in my collection..

    Leon (the professional) international version
    Robocop criterion
    Evil dead trilogy Unrated R1 discs
    Pitch black Unrated R1
    Blues brothers special edition R1
    Terminator 2 Ultimate edition R1
    Independance day NTSC laserdisc
    The Abyss NTSC Laserdisc
    dances with wolves NTSC Laserdisc

    These are just the few I could think of.
    To me seeing the film in the way the director intended is the best way!
  2. PoochJD

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    Aug 28, 2000
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    This is a trick one. In the case of "RoboCop", this was a Director-approved version on DVD, so the fact it's not anamorphic or DD5.1 is irrelevant to a certain degree. (Maybe Verhoeven didn't think it necessary? Who knows?!)

    Personally, I'd rather have an UNCUT edition of the movie, than spectacular sound and picture.

    However, that doesn't mean if an uncut ediiton of say "Anthropophagous The Beast" came out in pan-and-scan, and in mono, that I would buy it, because I wouldn't. There has to be a reasonable balance; some give-and-take, so to speak between an uncut (or cut) film, and the actual picture and sound quality.

    Also, what a director thinks is the best way his or her work should be seen in, may be very different to the way home cinema fans want it to be seen! Ultimately, not every film can be given an anamorphic release, or have DD5.1 or DTS soundtracks added, unless great expense is spared, or the original negatives and sound streams (or whatever they're called) are made available at the DVD authorisation process.


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