Uncles GOD box = programmed RESET error


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Hi everyone. My Uncle has a GOD Satellite box. He switched on the box when he got home & the only channels he can get are on/off. They are TBN, Europe, QVC, Bravo, Islamic, BBC Parliament, CNN, ESPN. I have asked him if he can find the MENU button, but all the buttons are faded so he can't find even that. After dinner he will phone me back & try to find the Make/Model of the box. He doesn't pay, it's a free to air box & satellite dish that until now he has been able to receive quite a lot of channels. There is only an on/off button on the box itself. I'll bring more information as he updates me later on. Thanks a lot.
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Never heard of this box. But if it is satellite the Freeview retune won't have affected it. Need more info really.


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I know. I've never really noticed it that much when I have visited him. He'll update me on any specs in a little while. Thanks for your concern guys.


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Thought this was a spoof, until I Googled it and found this - Christian TV. Not sure if Tech Guy has seen the website, he may wish to study it before getting back to his uncle.


Standard installation with Satellite dish and Receiver Buy outright for £295.00 or with 4 monthly cheques of £75.00
Satellite Receiver* only inc. carriage. Buy outright including carriage for £149.95 or with 4 monthly cheques of £38.00
Installation of Satellite Dish only including mesh dish and LNB: total of £165.00 or with 4 monthly cheques of £42.00
Telephone support FREE for first six months after purchase, and FREE to Care & Support Contract customers. Otherwise call for prices.
PURCHASE plus Care & Support Scheme: subsidised install at £75, plus £14.75 per month for minimum of 2 years (24 months).

OMG. :eek:

Television - over 80

God TV**
God 2**
INI Network**
Love World**
Gospel Channel**
EWTN** (Roman Catholic)
Word Network
Glory TV

BBC News
Sky News
BBC Parliament
Golf Pro
Travel Channel
Tiny POP and POP
BBC 1, 2, 3, 4 & regions
Channel 4

CBBC and CbeeBees
ITV 1, 2, 3, 4 & regions
Create & Craft
Reality TV
Shopping Channels
Various Ethnic:
Welsh, Asian, Arabic,
Chinese, Afro-Caribbean
Film 4, Film 24

** Main Christian Stations
* Some Christian content

Radio - over 50

UCB Bible**
UCB Inspiration**
UCB Europe UK**
UCB Talk**
Trans World Radio**
Calvary Chapel**
Family Radio**
Family I**
Family II**
ETWN** (Roman Catholic)
BBC - most
Radio Caroline
Music channels
Ethnic channels
Radio 5 Live (for sport)

Not a porn channel in sight???:D


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I`d have assumed that was a spoof website if I hadn`t known better :eek:
So they`re somehow software crippling a FTA box then charging £165 for it - very christian!

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