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Unclear on where upscaling of DVDs is happening


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I wonder if I can seek some information, please.

For some years I had a system consisting of a Panasonic plasma TV (1080p), a Panasonic BD35 BD player, and an old Yamaha AV amp. The amp - Yamaha DMP-592 - was 100% analog. Therefore the BD player was connected direct to the TV via HDMI, and an audio-out lead went to the Yamaha amp to produce sound. Now, in preparation for a new TV, I've replaced the old Yamaha amp with a new Yamaha receiver - an RX-V379. That's got a lot of digital inputs and outputs, so I've now connected the BD player to the new Yamaha via HDMI, and another HDMI connection goes from the new Yamaha to the TV. Following this change, my wife is of the opinion that our DVDs - played by the BD player - look a little better on the existing TV.

I've tried to work out where the upscaling was being done, and if that has changed. In the BD player HDMI video mode is "On", and the HDMI video format setting is "Automatic" - "Automatically selects the output resolution best suited to the connected television". That was how I had it - it was connected directly to the TV. Now, however, it's not; it's connected to the receiver. Is it possible that since that change the BD player has been outputting DVD data to the receiver at native DVD resolution, and that upscaling has been done elsewhere? i.e. in either the new receiver or possibly in the TV?

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