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Unbelievable speaker cable!


Prominent Member
I have discovered a speaker cable that is (almost) out of this world!

This cable is manufactured in such a way that its crystal structure and associated anti-magnetic properties are optimised. This is done by carefully aligning the manufacturing plant (I can’t remember where the factory is - it might be Amnesia) with the magnetic poles of the earth, to ensure that the cable is made in strict alignment with the magnetic north. All the crystals are therefore in north-south alignment. Secondly, and this is why the cable is really expensive, this manufacturing process has to take account of the phases of the moon, to eliminate any negative interference that the moon’s gravitational field would have on the crystal structure of the cable. This means that cable can only be manufactured for a few hours every fourteen days. Once when the moon is at it’s highest, the second period 14 days later when it is at it’s lowest. The cable manufactured when the moon is at it’s height is more expensive, as it’s crystal structure is additionally focused by the moon’s gravitational field, and is less dissipated by the earth’s field, therefore leading to a finer presentation of perceived signal detail.

The cable is terminated with special plugs to ensure the best possible joint between the cable and the plug is made. This is done by the use of silver halide-induced thermal expansion to minimise cable/termination losses.

And what are these cables called you will by now be asking yourself?

They are branded as “Absolute” for the 14-day “low moon” option, “Total” for the “high moon” option, and the bi-wire model is “Complete” – this only comes in the high moon variant.

To give them their full names they are Absolute Silver Halide Induced Thermal Expansion cables, which can be abbreviated to the acronym Absolute S.H… you get my drift!


Very, very good!

But on the flip side, you may have given someone in the industry a good idea. Of course, you're whole system will have to be built in the same manner ....

Wild Rumpus

Standard Member
It all still sounds more convincing than anything that Peter Belt came out with.....


Established Member
I have metal Halide lights on my fish tanks. Could this mean I may be able DIY them?????

Nic Rhodes

Distinguished Member
I bought some of this cable it is called Bio dynamic cable and follows the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (nee Belt).


Established Member
Just makes me think of 'Dude Where's my Car?' when they are all wearing bubble rap spacesuits and worshiping 'Zoltan!'.......

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