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unbeatable still a farce

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by scotstevie, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. scotstevie


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    hi folks i am still having problems with unbeatable and there customer service dept,who dont know their left hand from their right which is a shame as i have bought from them in the past and the service was great good products and prices.to cut along story short trying to get a new tv has been a nightmare,but today my replacement set turned but the folks at unbeatable forgot to let me know it was being delivered,my wife phoned me at work and i had to go home to help lift the set into the house.But when i opened the set it was damaged in fact i think the set was a second hand job, the box it came in was damaged there was no remote and on closer inspection the tv was covered in hand marks and it did not look new.So folks can you please help what is the best set on the market at the moment that gives the best picture quality,we watch alot of dvds so qualiti is important and my denon 3802,denon 2800mk11 needs to fit below.the set that was returned to unbeatable was the tosh 36zd26p

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