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Feb 1, 2001
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Just received this e-mail from Amazon.co.uk:

Thank you for your recent order for the DVD "Red Dwarf Series 4 1988".

At Amazon.co.uk we are always looking for ways to lower prices, and as part of this commitment we are pleased to let you know that we have lowered the price of the DVD "Red Dwarf Series 4 1988" from GBP 12.99 (35% off to GBP 11.98 (40% off)--a further saving of GBP 1.01.

Because you purchased this DVD at the higher price, we have issued a refund of GBP 1.01GBP for each copy you ordered. This refund will make up the difference between the amount you were charged and the current discounted price.

Bear in mind that this is a DVD I ordered on February 7th, was dispatched February 17th, and was delivered February 18th - nigh on 1 month ago!

Is a retrospectively applied discount something of a 'world record'?!
YesAsia.com's customer service is also impeccable.
That is impressive....wish most companies took a leaf out of there book. :smashin:
I was suprised by same mail this morning, only difference is amount, 0,85 GBP refund in my case!
Wish someone would do this with DVD players - "dear sir, the dvd player you bought last year at £500 now retails at £250, please note we have now refunded your account for £250"!!
Carphone warehouse do this (used to anyway). I bought a phone from them for £150, 6 months later it was only £75 so they sent me a voucher for £75. Came in very handy to buy a PAYG for a present. Don't know if they still do this though.

Bought the Eltax Nova Home Cinema pack a few days ago from Richer Sounds and 2 days later noticed the priced had been reduced by £30.

Rang them up and they offered the refund without question.

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