Unbearable camera shake on HD2


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Hi Guys,
Received my Sanyo Xacti HD2 from PurelyGadgets this morning.

So today the HD2 and myself went to an "extreme" festival with skateboarding, graffiti, surfing and mountain boarding among other things.

Watched the footage back on a standard definition television and it really was un-watchable in my eyes.
I knew the camera being small was going to suffer from some camera shake but this was ridiculous! Even shots stood still, zoomed fully out were hard to view and I have fairly steady hands.

Has anyone else experienced this?
I'm really thinking about sending it back as it's terrible as it is.
I've changed no settings on the camera.

Please help!



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I spent about half an hour looking for it in the menu(s) with no joy... Thought I had imagined it had one.
Any chance or a run through? :D
Damn manual doesn't have an index. I'll read it cover to cover over the next few days anyway... Hope it's something as simple as that.



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Page 84 of the manual (page 98 of the pdf file).
Go to page to of the shooting setting screen and select option A.

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