Question Unable to to use Twin HDMI functionality (audio and video slots ) from Panasonic DPUB 450 blu ray pl


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To pursue my passion for movies further I have bought good piece of Home theatre system – Yamaha AV receiver, Samsung 82 inch tele and top class atmos 5.1.2 speaker system along with Panasonic DP-UB450.

I have finished setting up the whole system, one of the main reason to go with Panasonic is to take advantage of twin HDMI (Video and sound).
However, Just when hard work of setting up the complete system is completed, my nightmare begins :(

1st HDMI going from Blu Ray Player to AV Amplifier receiver (For Audio)
2nd HDMI cable going from Blu ray to TV (For Video)
3rd HDM (ARC) going from TV to AV unit (Usual setup to play movie directly on TV but sound via AV Amplifier unit)

Now when I play Blue Ray Movie by selecting source as Blu Ray in TV, I only get picture on the TV and when I select Yamaha AV unit as source in the TV I get only sound.

I spent two complete days trying to figure out the settings and I give up now.

As we have so many experts here, Just wondering if anyone can help me with my nightmare of settings up blu ray with separate Audio and video output.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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UB450 HDMI port 1 (main) should go to TV
UB450 HDMI port 2 (audio) should go to AVR.

TV should be selecting UB450 (gets video signal)
AVR should be selecting UB450 (gets audio signal)

You shouldn't be using ARC route for playing the UB450, only for playing the TV and it's apps. Although if this is a new Yamaha AVR with 4K passthrough you shouldn't need to do 2 HDMI cable method.

If the Yamaha AVR can do HD soundtracks (True HD/Atmos, DTS HD/DTS-X) make sure to set UB450 Secondary Audio setting to OFF.
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