Unable to record 2 channels at same time ?


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Had a quick scan through recent posts but can't see any similar problems to my new one.

Over last couple of days my HD box has started only be able to record one channel at a time.

EG tonight was set to record Dexter @ 10.00pm on FX and Zoolander @ 10.00pm on E4+1.
After recent failed recordings I watched the EPG to see if both started, but only Zoolander started - Dexter remained in the planner showing 10.00pm. The only way I could get Dexter to start was to cancel Zoolander, then if I try and start another programme recording it just sits in the EPG showing the start time. I can watch another channel whilst it records Dexter and both inputs show good signal strength.

Doing my head in as the problem also impacts on future planned recordings - eg tonight I had to go back and cancel a programme from last night that was still showing a start time and stopping anything else starting. :mad:

Anybody else having similar problems / found a solution ?


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Sounds like the dreaded 22:00 bug.:eek:

Could be - but has happened at other times of day as well.

Box just won't record 2 programmes at same time, first one in the EPG list starts OK, the second one just sits there with start time displayed. If I then cancel it and go back into the EPG it then shows as failed.

Right pain - this is my third attempt at recording Dexter this week. Seems crazy that I have to sit and 'police' my EPG to make sure I get it to at least do half the job.

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first, whats the 22:00 bug?

right now my thoughts

one look at your signal strength meter, are all four bars showing? maybe one of your inputs has failed?

second listen to the sky planner, if your making a recording does the background music stop? if it is that means both your inputs are being used


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Just incase anybody else encounters similar problem - did a forced upgrade last night (even though I had the most current version) and seems to have resolved the issue, successfully recorded 2 channels at once 3 times since.

Fingers crossed doesn't happen again

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