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Unable to read RAM

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Zeberdi, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Zeberdi


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    I am running Windows 98SE. I want to transfer video recorded on RAM by my E50 onto DVD-R using my PC.

    I recently bought a Samsung TS-352A/WRBH DVD-ROM to read the RAM, but I am not having much luck. At this point I had InCD installed. When I put a RAM disc in the the drive it showed the disc title as ' DVD_vid#12s ', I clicked on this and it showed the folder ' DVD_rtav '. However when I clicked on the folder I got an error message (something like: cannot access data). The drive didn't come with any drivers and the Samsung website says that they do not provide drivers.

    I tried installing a DVD RAM driver from a link on this forum and updated it with the updater from www.bhacorp.com. No improvement.

    I then reinstalled windows. When I looked again on this forum I noticed that some people were having problems with InCD. So I unstalled InCD. The drive no longer recognised the RAM disk. I then tried installing ReadDVD, this has got me back to where I started. I can see the ' DVD_rtav ' folder, but cannot access it in windows explorer or using TMPEG 1.6 Author. I notice that ReadDVD hasn't got an uninstall function - any ideas for getting rid of it? I was going to try the bhacorp driver again but without InCD, however when I tried to install it it asks me to unistall ReadDVD - which I can't. I don't particularly want to reinstall windows again. Any ideas?

    If I can't solve this problem and can swap the drive for another, can anyone recomend a cheapish DVD-ROM (not burner), that supports RAM and comes with appropriate drivers for windows 98 to give me a trouble free installation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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