Question Unable to make calls on Android phone


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Hi, anyone any ideas on an issue I'm having on my Huawei P8

So basically I'm unable to make and receive calls on my phone, however what I find strange is that I can send text messages and browse with data so the SIM is working ok to some extent

This did happen to my around a month ago and I tried all sorts including factory reset firmware update but I still couldn't get it to work

What seemed to bring it back to life last time was using a different SIM in it however this time it did not seem to do the trick



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Does the SIM card with work in another handset?

If so could be a handset issue or as simple as wrong network settings though call settings should be on the phone?


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Thanks for the response, the SIM does work in another handset - I think it is a handset issue as another SIM didn't work in my handset; however the phones about 30 months old now so out of warranty just don't want an emergency purchase of a new one ideally :)

Another symptom which I think is wrong is when I go into Phone -> Settings -> Additional Settings

The Caller ID bit takes ages to do anything and then shows like it is disabled and light grey and similarly for Call waiting and once it finishes swirling it show a "Call settings error: Network or SIM card error"


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Thanks I think that's covered, as each time I re-insert the SIM I get a message about the change in SIM from Vodafone and then a followup message with the network settings which I have been applying

Edit: As I think about it the txt is just about internet and MMS rather than the phone calls - and the internet access works fine

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