unable to locate yamaha AV57


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well, not exactly completely unable to find it at all. just that i saw one store selling at 179pounds while others sell it at 210 at least. however that one and only store ran out of stock. just wondering any other stores sell it around 180? (i tried google without much luck)

thanks :D


It's been discontinued, I believe.
If you want one, I recommend you snap it up fast.
It's no coincidence the price is always better when there is no stock ;)


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hmm thanks for the info, shame i dont have enough money for now. can any one provide an atlerative ? :smashin:


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Went on richersounds the other night and they are now selling the yamaha 357 amp for £169.99 not so long ago they were selling it for £120 pounds .
They used to have loads of bargains but they seem to be few and far between now or is it just me.

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