Unable to get Multiplex 2 Channels after split.


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I’m currently have a problem where I can’t get any channels transmitted on Multiplex 2 on any of the three downstairs TVs. My nearest transmitter is Bluebell Hill.

My aerial set-up is as follows:

The aerial is outdoors nearest my bedroom upstairs. The black cable comes in to the loft above the bedroom where I put a 2-way splitter
TRIAX 348002 STS2 5-2400 Mhz DC-Pass (F Connector).

There’s a short run in to the bedroom from one of the splits which feeds a Humax PVR.
On this I have always received all the channels and never had any reception problems.

The other split feeds the three sockets downstairs (2 of which have TVs connected)

On these I can’t get any of the channels from Multiplex 2.

Someone suggested I try a booster which I did both before and after the split but it made everything
Worse including the signal (both analogue and digital) in the bedroom which was perfect before.

What I also noticed is if I disconnect the cable from the splitter that feeds the downstairs and just leave the bedroom connected it I lose the multiplex 2 channels in the bedroom too.

Why would that happen?

The cabling to downstairs in longish as it’s an above average size house so I thought maybe the cabling length is weakening the signal too much so I ran a short co-ax cable from the splitter through the loft hatch on to the landing and tried that. I got all the channels except multiplex 2 as before but weirdly it made the signal that was perfect in the bedroom deteriorate.

Just in case it was the cabling or plugs I tried a new one with new plugs but it made no difference.

It seems if I plug in anything except the original cabling that feeds the downstairs in to the splitter
It messes up the perfect signal in the bedroom.

The two downstairs TV’s use cheap and cheerful digihome boxes but there’s no fault with these
As I tried them in the bedroom and they both pick up all the channels and I also tried the Humax PVR downstairs and it won’t pick up the multiplex 2 channels.

I don’t know anything about the cabling that feeds downstairs as it was there when we moved in.

Anyone shed some light on my problem?

Help much appreciated

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