Unable to Downconvert Audio while copying with AX10Ai

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by WindBag, May 26, 2004.

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    There are three words on page 69 of the AX10Ai manual which I was stunned to discover.
    It states in Chapter 8, para 2, that "you can't make a digital recording from an analogue source or vice-versa".
    Those last three words have KO'd a raft of my intended copying options. For my 5 sources of digital audio (Freeview, 868 DVD, DAB Tuner, CD recorder and HDD recorder) it means I cannot make a low grade audio copy - so I can't record Radio 7 to cassette or even the 5100H!

    This is an pretty stupid situation. It's not as if the AX10Ai doesn't make analogue audio from the digital ins - in fact it has the best DAC's to do just that. To find it then refuses to present said signal to analogue outs is astounding. My tests seem to show it to be true. The only way I've found to get a copy to work is if I strap in the analogue cables in addition to the digital ones - which would mean an addition of a mere 10 cables, and using whichever DAC is in the source unit - which is usually poorer than the ones in the AX10Ai. And I still can't timeshift Radio7 unless I use my CD-R or mindisc!

    This refusal undermines the value of the unit, and I think this is a shambles, leaving me very dischuffed. While I can implement a degraded workaround, I fail to see why I have to on a top end unit such as this. To have to add to the forest of cables totally unnecessarily, plus be forced into using a series of cruddy DAC's, when I've paid for some good ones, leaves me rather annoyed. Unless I missed something blindingly obvious that undoes this ludicrous "feature" - I do hope so!

    I'm wondering whether I can strap all the recorder unit inputs to an pre-amp out - but this seems a petty dodgy/ropey way of doing things.

    Looking carefully at the AX10i predecessor manual, that appears to have this endearing feature, too.

    Suggestions welcome!

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