Unable to connect Air mouse to my Tv


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I have TCL C716 Qled 50" Tv. I wish to connect Air mouse remote control and for that I have bought three different devices. 1- Mini keyboard with touchpad, 2- C-120 Air mouse remote control and 3- MX3 Air mouse remote control. But I am facing the same problem with all three. Whenever I insert the USB dongles of each device it works for some time until the device goes into stand by or sleep and this shuts off my Tv. After a few tries the Tv gets stuck and I have to remove the USB dongle after which the Tv works fine. Is there any solution to this? Kindly inform.


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Its a closed software system running on the TV you cannot alter it.

Clearly the TV software has issues with wireless USB input devices going into idle/standby mode.

The only thing I can think of is getting a USB KVM switch, were you connect the wireless USB mouse and a wired USB mouse to it.

Then when your done using the wireless mouse press the button on the switch to cycle the USB ports to the wired mouse. This may prevent it from going into standby while also keeping the wireless mouse usable when needed by pressing switch button.


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Thank you for your valuable reply. You are right it seems a very much closed software system as I am unable to do some other things in the Tv too. If I just use a wired mouse would it work? Actually the Air mouse I have is a remote control with other options too. If a wired device would work is there a way to convert my Air mouse remote into a wired device. Kindly inform. Best regards.


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The Bluetooth connectivity of my Tv works. I think the only way for me to buy a Bluetooth Mouse and Bluetooth Keyboard which work without any USB receiver and only work with Bluetooth pairing.

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