UMD movies


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Been watching spiderman 2 on the psp- all I say is :thumbsup:

Just wondering if anyone else are buying UMD movies for the psp? I'm thinking about buying Transformers next.


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Hi mate,

I recieved my free spiderman 2 the other day too, havn't watched it yet, but have had a wee look through, and yeah the quality is great, And it does look good running on the PSP.

But a few things bug me, they appear to be Re-framing alot of these movies for the PSP, although i have seen a couple of them appear to be in thier original aspect ration (gone in 60 seconds.. Directors cut... speaking of which, has anyone seen this?? it IS a guilty pleasure of mine, just wondered what was different?)

And The Price! average £17.99 to £19.99.. Heck, my local game had Robots at £22.99!!!! which im sorry is just plain dick turpin highway robbery!

You can pick them up online for around £13.95 to £14.95, but i still think thats too much, and i can t see the prices dropping too soon. I guess we just have to wait for UMD's to become part of HMV type sales.??


i got my free spiderman 2 MD and whilst the quality is great
its the last UMD im ever gonna have unless i get anymore free ones!!

really cannot see the point of buying a UMD at almost any price when you can copy your own DVDs with pretty good results for nothing. They would have to be around £5 for me to even consider


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agree with the cat, quality is great but price is not justified. you get less content and lower resolution than dvd for a higher price. On top of this you can convert your dvd's to mp4 and squeeze the film onto your memory stick. So really i can see no reason to buy umd other than initial novelty (thanks sony for the free spiderman2 umd) and only if the price is very cheap (*ie a fiver)


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Yep, the quality of Spiderman 2 is fab but can imagine getting tired watching the screen after 2 hours. Don't think I'll be buying any UMD's myself!


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I'll only buy UDM movies if they are priced about £10-13.


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To be honest I cant see the point. You can get a 512mb card from ebay for under £25, you can fit 2 films at low quality on that.


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I've bought a few UMD films - Pirates of the Caribbean because it's one of my favourite films and Transformers because it was going cheap. Also just bought Hellboy because it was just £7.99 and I have 2 WWE titles that the company I work for produced. Plus of course Spider-Man 2 which I got free.


most of the films they are releasing are hardly what you would call
Classics, i.e. once you have seen them you are not lilely to really want to see them again.
Now a Godfathers trilogy for £9 might be cool , but........then again i can rip the box set i have for nowt .ok no still not good enough


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I was well impressed with the playback quality of the Spiderman UMD - Won't be buying any though as its a blatant pisstake by Sony.

Personally I can't wait for the SDK to be publically leaked so we can all encode our own files in the full 480x272 resolution that UMDs are presented in and not the inferior, crippled Memory Stick playback resolution.

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