UMD Emulator 0.8C were do I put the files ?


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Oct 25, 2004
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Hi first off all just to say sorry for my pure thickenss !!

I have read threw many guides and I am still confused.

This is were I am up to.

have downloaded UMD Emulator 0.8C and have it on my PC ready to put on my psp.

I have the files

readme first !

have made a connection between my PC + PSP using a usb cable

were exactly do I store these 3 files mentioned above so I can run UMD Emulator 0.8C on my PSP

in the psp hard drive folder I have.

(double click)




If any 1 here would could all so tell me were to save my games so I can run them threw UMD Emulator 0.8C then that would be double cool and save me some more stress

really apreciate any 1 who takes the time out to help me !!!!!

thanks people !!

(I own the games I am trying to store on my memory)
I just use Freeloader. The files go in the GAME folder and the ISOs go in a new created folder called ISO in the root of the PSP (the folder that has MP_ROOT and PSP in it)
If you just copy them over to the root of your memory stick they should be picked up properly. I use fastloader and I just extracted the files and copied them straight over.

The game saves should go in (in your case) F:\PSP\SAVEDATA. Within there there are lots of files called things like UCUS98612P0000 which are the save files. I don't know if you can just copy them over as I believe they are encrypted in some way to stop reverse engineering of the code, but someone else could correct me on that one.


thanks for help guys !

you no the sampler disk you get free with your PSP. well how do you play it on your PSP ?? I have inserted it in to the back of the PSP and I dont no how to lauch it.

is it ment to auto launch or somethen ??
just noticed you no the disks coem in that plastic case thing well I ripped it open thinking it was just a holder lol

ooopps !
just noticed you no the disks come in that plastic case thing well I ripped it open thinking it was just a holder lol

ooopps !

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