UMC 21.6 LCD Tv with Freeview/DVD player


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I bought one of these last Dec and its giving me probs and I'm hoping someone here might be able to help

Just recently the picture has started to break up after the Tv has been on for 45mins to 1hr with sometimes a blue screen appearing and sometimes the picture just gets really bad and comes back again ????

It affects all channels and I thought that it might be the RF lead to the socket which was dodgy so bought a new one but still the problem occurs ?

It is still under guarantee but the manual suggests a factory reset to default but i cant see how that would help

Anyone got any ideas what might be going on ??



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Hi I have 2x the same TV.

I assume you are referring to Freeview reception. If so firstly have you done the national retune (last Wednesday)? If so please be aware that channels that were previously on one multiplex may now be on another. Thus whilst these channels may have been received OK before they might not be now. It may be e.g. that you had problems receiving one multiplex but did not notice as all it carried were channels you did not watch but now some ITV channels and C5 are now on that multiplex.

The symptoms you describe are not indicative of a TV fault but as you suspected some degradation of the aerial signal - which may be just due to the channel re-arrangement as above. Although I am not in the fringe area I occasionaly get break- ups, freezes and dropouts particularly in wet humid conditions or even when the local bird population decides my aerial is the best perch.
This affects all my 5 freeview tuners and if anything I rate the UMC the best as they are both at the end of my aerial distribution system and seem to give less of this type of problem.

(Mods dependent on OP's reply this may be better in Freeview forum)

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