UMC 19" LCD TV - picture freezing

Bonzo James

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We have a 19" UMC LCD TV (no DVD player) with Freeview. It is outside the 1 year guarantee. After about 45 minutes from first switching on the TV the picture will freeze for a few seconds (and sound is lost too) then it carries on as normal for another few minutes, then freezes again for a few seconds and so on.... We don't know how long it would keep this up as we normally switch off the TV soon after the problem starts.

Does this sound like an aerial fault rather than a fault with the TV itself? Thanks for any ideas!
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As a test connect a DVD player or Vcr or Freeview box to it via scart and run it and that'll tell you if the TVs at fault.


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Also if it always works for the said 45 mins, could it be something warming up, and then loosing contact for a while ?

Bonzo James

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Thank you eki912 and winston2010 for your replies. Typically (Sod's Law I believe is the right expression) the TV has hardly ever displayed this fault since I posted my original post! I will check exactly how long it is since we've had the TV - I didn't know about these other warranties that you mention winston 2010. There may be some scope there but I think it will be difficult to convince the supplier that there is a fault at the moment - so frustrating!

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