Umbrella Academy (Netflix) S2


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much preferred the more fun Doom Patrol series


I did a double take when Pogo turned up :D
so this is good but drags at times
production is good as expected
Robert Sheehan seems typecast in usual type of underwear wearing roles :D


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Where can one watch Doom Patrol? Because it looks like a lot of fun!
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I thought it was very poor. I never heard of the comics, so I wasn't coming in with any expectations. I didn't understand the world of Umbrella Academy and could not quite grasp the characters.

There was no structure to the episode, which made it very confusing. The first part was focusing on the suspicion that one of the academy kids may have killed their father, but by the end it the show was about the end of the world. The suspicion that one of them maybe a murderer was very interesting, but it didn't go anywhere. It felt like the episode was spinning plates once we got into the mansion.


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I liked it. 'Specially the chimp. I'm hoping that Ellen's got some hitherto undiscovered power waiting to burst out at some unexpected moment.


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3 eps in, liking it so far. Great production design & cinematography, it looks great.
The Pogo chimp FX are outstanding for a TV show. I think we take this stuff for granted, we shouldn’t because I watch the DCTV stuff & k ownhow TV FX can look :laugh:
Looking forward to seeing where it goes next.


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I just finished the series and really enjoyed it - very 'Burton-esque'

The cinematography and effects are excellent for television, the world design charming and some eye-catching performances (Aidan Gallagher's - Number 5 is excellent)

In some ways its hyper styled look and dark tones reminded me a little of 'Preacher' or even 'Utopia' but unlike those series the story moved along at a brisk pace, giving us answers to the mysteries of its strange world and avoiding the dragging 'filler' episodes that had even permeated the Netflix marvel shows.


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I enjoyed the series and would be interested in checking out the comic books.

The pacing was decent though the dysfunctional family point got tiresome; it's repeated in almost every line of dialogue between the siblings for about nine (of 10) episodes.

The look and production design is great - again, I have no familiarity with the source - and the cast are pretty much on the mark.

Just a few wrinkly points but nothing major.
- It's about all the siblings - but not you, Ben. Easily the odd one out and not just for being dead; just a plot device and I would have liked to see more between him and Klaus.

- Luthor complains about his dad not paying attention to his packages from the moon. OK... I'm waiting for Vanya to bring up:
i. she finds out that her borderline abusive father got her sister to use her power to convince Vanya that she had no powers;
ii. she thought she killed her sister and was visibly distraught;
iii. Luthor choked her out; and
iv. Luthor locked her up and which led to the final trigger for Vanya to turn bad.

Joking and being picky aside, I'm looking forward to season 2. Flawed and to a certain extent unlikeable characters - but it feels like a real family.


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I am 7 episodes in and its building up to its climax, I think its great, really enjoying it.


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I'm on the final episode and have loved every minute of it, I hope there'll be a season 2 soon, for the first time in a long while I don't want a series to end which is great for a Netflix show as the Marvel stuff has nearly always been too drawn out. I have found it predictable in places but it hasnt ruined my enjoyment, every character has been well cast and I have not found one person annoying. I wish there was more Pogo though, his CGI has been immense!


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The wife and I finished it last night, great series. Hope there is another.


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Binged this over 2 days, loved it as wasn't expecting much going in.

Hope it gets another season, as want to find out what happens next.


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We finished this tonight.

A solid watch, but nothing new or amazing.

7/10 for me.


Half way through this. Really enjoying it so far. And I agree with above it does have a feel of 'Preacher' about it.


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Just finished watching the whole season in a 4 day binge. Absolutely loved it. Very entertaining, some stylish sequences, some quirky bouts of humour, great soundtrack and a thrilling climax.

Thankfully, Netflix content producers (or whoever is responsible for series formats) are learning (well I hope) how to make a concise season narrative progression without awful meandering like the various Marvel seasons that were way too overstretched (still a great bunch of series, though). This is just ten episodes. It's perfect. There were two standout characters for me, Klaus, a neurotic druggie with reluctant special powers and a disillusioned male assassin agent. Both terrific performances in completely different ways. Also love the assassin agents dynamic and a particularly unlikely endearing romance. And a special mention for the youngster who plays Number five, damn he was impressive, totally commanded all his scenes.

I really hope there is a second season. Production values are fantastic and the family of characters are perfectly dysfunctional! Lots of unanswered burning questions of course but the season as a whole is a satisfying whole story.

9/10 for me. Another great delivery from Netflix.

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Just watched the season finale and what a great end to a superb season. Was not familiar with the comic, but will now check it out.


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We both watched and enjoyed but felt it could have expanded on a few area's in more detail and perhaps added more episodes.

8/10 From us both.


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I'm on episode 6 but found the pacing very slow and the characters are cliched / mash up from previously seen tv shows and films.

Will still finish it off but not on par with Titans imo.


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I finished watching this last night and loved every minute of it. Great production values, a clear story arc and great actors, particularly Number 5. All very tongue-in-cheek.

And who'da thought Vanya was going to go all Dark Pheonix on us? Unfortunately I saw that one coming and sussed it out at least 4 episodes from the end. And sussed out it would be the Academy members themselves that would push her over the edge. But it still didn't spoil my enjoyment of it. A solid 8.5/10

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