Umada900 - Bought one but it's going back..

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    OK then,

    I was introduced to the world of DVD Recorders in May when I bought a 4KUS for my mother at Asda for $99.99.

    Overall it was a very decent machine with excellent navigation etc.
    On Monday I decided to watch Top Gear which was recorded earlier and all I got was "HELLO" on the LED display no matter what you tried - long story short - took it back to Asda and got a refund.

    Did a lot of research on the 'net and found the Umada900 over at which looked like a great feature set for the price :)

    One-Touch Record (OTR)
    I-Link (IEEE1394) Digital Video Input
    USB socket input
    Divx/MPEG-4 compatible
    DVD/CD/MP3/Picture CD/DVD+R(W)/DVD-R(W)/CD-R(W)
    SCART RGB video output (works intermittently)
    S-video input
    Video recording
    5 recording modes (60-360 minutes) (Bull*****)
    Wide-Screen signalling recording
    Recording & Editing Control
    VPS/PDC for smart recording
    Show View/Video Plus+ for easy recording (Bull*****)

    I had heard about how good "Yamada" players were and from some other website I read about this one. When I asked the sales rep at Maxtv I asked it was a "Yamada" player he said yes it is a "Yoomada 900 model sir".

    Now I'm not sure if "Umada" is actually a Umax-Yamada product or just some "rip off" name trying to cash in on the brand but the end result is a product which "can" perform well that is supplied with a useless manual, utterly complicated navigation and very dodgy abilities.

    From reading reviews of the Yamada 8400X the on screen menus are identical.

    Does anybody out there know anything of the "Umada" brand?
    Is it really a Yamada player?

    The unit is going back to Maxtv (Datel Direct) on Monday as my mother wanted a Video+ compatible player and this is player not the advertised feature set above.

    So on that note (returning the player) what do you recommend buying to replace it.
    My mum would like the following features:

    Simple Navigation (4kus/LiteOn was excellent)
    MPEG4 playback
    <<End Edit
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance :clap:
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    Has nobody heard of Umada then? :lease:

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