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I ordered BT's Ultrafast Fibre 2 deal last week after I exchanged on a new build property. Pick up the keys on Friday.

So my next issue is this:

Openreach have installed the modem under the stairs.

Looking around the intranet it would seem that I'm going to have to plug the BT Superhub that's arriving tomorrow into said modem. Which if true I find to be absolutely absurd, given that I expect most people wanting an Ultrafast service to use the ethernet connections. Spoke to someone at BT who brought up power line adapters as a solution but is that going to get me the same speeds as if my devices (ATV 4K/PS4/TV) were connected directly to the Superhub?

But I'm just wondering if I can plug the Superhub in the living room via the outlet available here on the second from the right (is the lift up port next to the tv (next to the FM/DAB connection) an ethernet connection?):

And it work just as well? Or could I just use the phone line at the far right?

If there's anyone who's been in a similar situation to this, I'd appreciate some thoughts.



I'm afraid you MUST the plug the router directly into the LAN port of the "modem" (technically its an ONT, not a modem). I agree they've installed the ONT in a awkward location but if you can't place your router next to the ONT then you will need to place it as close as possible but still with a direct cable going to the ONT.

Luckily when i had FTTPoD installed, i was able to specify to the Openreach Engineer where exactly I wanted the ONT installed, ie next to the master socket where my router lives:


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