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Hi All

Could anyone please tell me what would be the best available or coming soon steering wheel for the PS3, my friend told me that there was one reviewed in the Times only last week that retailed around £400.00 that was soon to be on the market, well i have trawled the net and i cant find anything. (think he may of dreamt it or is talking ********!) I am not too concerned about the budget i think a cheap wheel is a complete waste of time anyway the problem is you cant really try before you buy with them so any advice would be appreciated cheers.:hiya::hiya:


The Logitech G25 is the best commercially available wheel, that theres no doubt about, however there are smallish independant companies dotted around Europe who make their own wheels and pedals which may well be far superior, however their compatability with the PS3 may be questionable.

I tried GT:HD with my G25 this week, and i have to say i wasnt impressed, i think it forces 900' lock on you, whereas the Logi Driving Force Pro may well allow you to go with 270' making the transition from PC racing to PS3 much easier to adapt to, but i personally thought it didnt feel right, at least to how im used to, and not having the PCs controller software to modify the FFB and such settings to how i like it your kinda forced to drive how they think it should be (maybe thats for the better? but atm i'd be a joypad driver over wheel).

Try Race Sim Central's forum, they have a dedicated section for racing hardware like wheels, peds and full cockpits, if theres anything newer than the G25 (costs about £150) then i havent heard but then im not looking. The G25 is definately the wheel for the racing sim community anyway, for about £50 you can get the DFP which was designed for the PS2 and has all the correct buttons within thumbs reach, works on PC just fine, isnt as smooth and isnt as good in build quality, but if your just using it purely for PS3 you'd have to be a GT nut to splash £150 on a G25.


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thanks paul i will look in to this and take it from there much obliged:smashin::smashin:

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