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I've just fallen on a little demo disc called 'Ultimate DVD Silver' for sale at PLAY for 12.99. I don't know what it's like but one of you might (i'm hoping). Below is how it's being billed as:-

The Ultimate DVD series was compiled to show the DVD format off to the best of its ability. It aims to show all aspects of a DVD and show you why the ‘V’ means ‘Versatile’ rather than ‘Video’.



Read more here

Or at PLAY here.


I believe it's one of the fore-runners of the 'Platinum' version you get bundled with Video Essentials set-up disc.

The 'Platinum' one is quite nice for the audio demo side of things but the video side looks dated and there are way better regular film DVDs out there for showing off PQ.

I did notice something funny, in a heavy metal trivia kind of way, one of the video clips on there was used by/is the same as Pantera for their 'Planet Caravan' video.

I would not suggest buying 'Silver' for £12.99, not when VE and 'Platinum' was going for about £10 from ezydvd. Remember also that these discs are a good 3 to 4 years old now.


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Thanks, I just noticed now that there is also a 'Gold' but no doubt the Platinum is better.

Just bid on ebay a couple of days ago and bought the FOX #1 DVD DEMO DISC.
A few people on this forum said it was very good.



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