Ultimate DVD Player to Match With New Panasonic 42PHD8


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Just bought the Panny 42PHD8 and it's a fantastic machine even with my relatively basic Cambridge Audio DVD player. I'm looking for suggestions for a great DVD player to pair with this plasma.
I've got about £1,000 to spend and want to utilise the HD capabilities of the screen and the HDMI board.
Anyone got any pearls of wisdom ? All suggestions appreciated.


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djwoody said:
I've got about £1,000 to spend and want to utilise the HD capabilities of the screen and the HDMI board.

To fully utilise the HD capability you'll have to wait until HD players are released next year.

If you want to make the most of your current DVD collection then with that sort of budget I'm sure you can get a very nice player, but be aware you'll need to buy another player for HD soon enough...PJ


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maybe go for something like a Denon 2910 for now, hasDVi, HDMI, component and scart....only half your budget, very nice box and the rest can go toward your subsequent HD player, as PJ says, you will want one :)

theo cupier

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I've also just got a PHD8, and am impressed with the PQ from my Toshiba SD220 via component, as a step up from my old CRT picture.

Would it be worth upgrading to something like the Pio 575 or Samsung 950, also via component, whilst I wait for HD players to come out? Will the improvement in PQ be that much greater?

theo cupier

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Is there anything around that price bracket (sub £150 for the sake of argument) which would be worth considering as an upgrade to the SD220?

I was wondering about an upscaling player, or at least one that does Prog scan.

No upgrade is definitely an answer I'd be happy with but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything obvious.


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PQ wise i would of thought an Arcam or the like would be the next step along.
More than your £150 either way.

theo cupier

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I think I'll keep my cash in my pocket until HD time, then


I toyed with the idea of buying a HD7, but decided against it after I did a bit of research regarding image scaling.

Isn't there a problem when upscaling and not using a 1:1 resolution match?

Using upscaling DVD players on 768 line screens you would have to get the player to upscale the image to 720, then the screen would scale it again to 768.
I thought double scaling was a no-no and introduced all sorts of nasty things like increased macroblocking etc?

If it was a 720 line screen then that would be a different kettle of fish.

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