ULEZ - are diesels even worth considering these days?

Would you buy a used diesel?

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    Votes: 2 28.6%
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    Votes: 5 71.4%

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My Lexus (IS200, 2002 petrol) is really getting towards the end of it's life. Only 162k, which is nothing for the engine, but the clutch needs changing, it needs a cam belt, service, the brakes are juddery, and the suspension bushes/joints are a bit arthritic. It's not bad for 19 years old, and I hope to get it to 20, but I really have to start looking at a replacement.

We're all likely to be in leech cars in less than 10 years I think, so I'm not looking for a forever-car, but if I'm going to spend 10/15k, I want to get as long as poss. My problem is although I live outside London, I do often drive into it and inside the ULEZ zone. So I don't want something that's going to prohibit that. And with the ever-changing stringency of the ULEZ (and it's inevitable expansion) I'm wondering if buying a 5/6 year old diesel (for example, I've been looking at the 2L Jag XE's) that's currently ULEZ compliant, might be a bad idea, and I could find myself with a car I can't drive in a couple years...


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I’d avoid diesel if going in the ULEZ. You need a 2016 / newer euro 6 diesel. For petrol, only 2005 / euro 4, which opens up more possibilities.


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And of course, this is the current target. It will become more stringent for emissions in the coming years. Not good if you plan to keep an older vehicle.

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