ulead dvd movie factory 4 help cant save final to hdd

hey guys i have just purchased ulead dvd movie factory 4 and need your help

i was wanting to transfer 9 vhs tapes (92 episodes) to my pc and then to dvd with menus etc, i have finally done the 1st tape etc and finished all the menus etc BUT i cant save it to dvd because it ended up being 21 gb lol

so i chose the option to save it as dvd movie files on my hdd but it still says over limit

can someone please help me save it as a dvd movie file on my pc then i will be able to shrink it and put it on dvd

please help guys

many thanks


I use MF3 and assume the settings etc will be similar. I'm at work at the moment and can't remember the exact settings, but will check when I get home if you need me to.

IIRC you need to go into the settings and set the bit rate to variable. Then set the highest possible rate to fit the length of the video onto the disc - this is trial and error to get the best quality that will fit. You then need to save the output as a disc image (to burn later) or get MF to burn to a DVD after compressing the files to MPEG-2

hi thanks for reply i did as u said it was already on variable and i set it to the highest which was 9800 but still not working also thiss makes it go upto 30gb from 20gb


You need to set it to a lower bit rate to fit more on the disc. the higher the bite rate the better the PQ, but the more space the video takes.
I suggest you set it fairly low (say 4000) and see how much of the disc will be used and then adjust it up or down so the complete video fits on the disc and also comes close to filling it.

just tried it but still wont fit, on version 4 if the file is too big then u automatically sets it to a bit rate so it will fit but wont work too big

so why cant i save to my hdd as i have over 100gb left on there
i may after shrink the orignal video then restart over again on movie factory

u know of any software that can shrink video (mpeg 2)

many thanks


Are you useing MF4 to capture the video? I've never done this as I always use Adobe Premiere for capture & editing. I assume if capture from within MF it just stores the AVI files as temp files(?) and when you encode to MPEG-2 it just deletes the origional AVI files. Is there even an option (normally) to save captured files without compression?

If you can list the steps you have taken so far I or somebody else might be able to suggest something else.
How long is the video you have captured? 20Gb as an AVI file would be around 1.5 hours which should fit easily on a DVD. What format are the files - AVI?

i tried alsorts of programs to capture the video even movie factory 4 but the only program that gave the best picture etc was one called mainconcept pvr

in the record setting instead of choosing custom mpeg 2 i chose the dvd record option so i take it they are still mpeg 2

the recording is 10.6 gb in size and just over 4 hrs long (11 episodes)


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To fit 4 hours of video onto a DVD you will have to use "Half D-1" settings:

24 bits, 352 x 576, 25 fps
(DVD-PAL), 4:3 (or 16:9 as appropriate)
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 2400 kbps)
Audio data rate: 224 kbps
MPEG audio layer 2, 48 KHz, Stereo

with a Quality setting of 34

If this is not an existing template use Disc Template Manager to set up a new template which you can save for future use.


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A standalone DVD recorder is probably a cop out ( and an expensive one at that) .It will limit your menu creating creativity but if you envisage digitising many VHS tapes and have a future use for it ,it may not be an unreasonable thing to consider. :smashin:
Perhaps limiting 2 hrs of video to eas DVD may be a good idea. VHS is analogue an unless recorded to exacting standards its quality will not improve but I imagine it will worsen as you try higher rates of copression in order to fit that much onto a 4.7G dvd
Still ,finding a workaround your problem would be interesting :confused:


I would agree that 4 hours on a single layer DVD is too much, especially with a low quality origional file. I wouldn't be surprised if the DVD would be pratically unwatchable with 4 hours of VHS sourced video on it.

Are you importing MPEG-2 video files into MF rather than doing the compression within it? If so then you need to go into the settings and untick the box that says something like 'don't reencode DVD complient files' as this will stop MF from recompressing the MPEG-2 file to fit it on a DVD. You'll be amazed at how long it took me to work this out last month when copying some VHS video to DVD :blush: . oh well, at least I know now :D


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