ULEAD 10 is it worth upgrading from Ulead 9


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just noticed that ULEAD 10 video editing software is on the market, is it worth updating my ULEAD 9 or are the differences no worth the upgrade, other than the HD side which i won't be needing for some time.



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There is a nice review of "Ulead 10" in the current "Digital Video Techniques" magazine - it should give you a good feel for the differences. I read the article, but not using the package myself it is hard to tell.



There is a comparison chart here :-


which compares V9 with V10 and V10+, only you can decide whether the enhancements are worth it for you - if you have V9 then the upgrade to V10 is not much of an upgrade but V10+ could well suit your needs - do you feel there is something you want in V9 - is it in V10+ - then upgrade but if V9 does all you want why bother ??

You can download a 30 day free trial of V10+ from here :-



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