UK/US iTunes Movie & TV Bargains


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I've gone with not received as easy to prove the codes haven't been redeemed (by me at least).

$70 worth I've just submitted.


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Right - claim submitted. We'll see if anything comes of it.
Looks like being too lazy to add a valid payment method to Gameflip saved me the hassle of PayPal claims.

I stuck with vifgam for my IW codes as I was always under the impression they sold the discs on another website so they were legit codes - whether that is true or not 🤷‍♂️, but I've still not lost any yet.

I'm also down to to around half a dozen still to watch so the IW purge has at least made me watch some of the films I buy 🤣🤣


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I picked item not received will wait and see what happens, hopefully a refund for Midway. The knives out code is ok and i watched it last weekend.
There's a few films on sale today

The Hustler
Color of Money
Romancing The Stone
Roger Rabbit
Good Morning Vietnam
French Connection
Dead Poets Society
Minority Report
Chariots of Fire
Remember the Titans
Walk the Line
The Miracle
Gone Girl
Slumdog Millionaire
He got Game
The Royal Tenebaums
Black Swan
Poseiden Adventure
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Feeling sad that I actually did add my card details on Gameflip, rather than PayPal.

Ah well, I lost but kept a load. I'm guessing I'll have to link up Vudu again at some point. I check my account from time to time and nothing else has disappeared so guessing unless there is a second purge all will be well anyway.


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It’s quite possible the other 50 were related to IW from physical purchases (ie scanning the physical Walmart receipt from a store bought disc) & thus not linked/issued to a specific Walmart account. No way for you to know for sure enough to risk I guess.

My VUDU account is still linked to MA, so I’m guessing my IW must have been from physical receipts, as my IW redeems were from last year & earlier. The super cheap IW explosion all seemed to be a fairly recent development.
most of the ones i still have were gameflip purchases - my previous GF purchases were disappearing by the hour so i disconnected - sure if i reconnect the rest will disappear too - would at least like to watch a few before that happens.


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I was thinking the same as above. Surely now though, if the purchases are still showing on VUDU it is safe to reconnect as long as there isn't a second purge? Right?
Mines still disconnected as I've got a few I gotta watch, once I've watched them I'll reconnect.

I've still not lost any films so hopefully I won't if I reconnect.


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Well I’ve had a refund from PayPal on all 4 holymovies purchases that were taken.
Can you do it through the PayPal App or do you need the desktop site?


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Some good ones on US store at $4.99 today.

Reservoir Dogs, Sin City, Zodiac and Collateral.

And Scrooged. Yes.


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Chinatown, Brick and Taxi Driver $4.99 on US now.

Added some nice bits today.


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Well I’ve had a refund from PayPal on all 4 holymovies purchases that were taken.
Hi I was just wondering when you escalated the case what did you put in the detailed message to PayPal?


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Hi I was just wondering when you escalated the case what did you put in the detailed message to PayPal?
I put the item purchased doesn’t seem to of been legit as the vendor has removed the digital item from my library and the seller has since closed down their site.
I’ve not had a response to the claim as of yet.

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