UK to get 200,000 Xbox 360's before Christmas.


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richard plumb said:
colgateEA sports games have too many buttons?

Have you seen an 11-year-old with a console? I swear they have more fingers than we did in the old days. They are way more adapted to games than we old buggers could ever hope to be.

Yes, we grew up on games, but they only had one fire button then. I'm holding on by my fingertips, but even I get annoyed when developers seem obessessed with using all the buttons.
It's not so much the number of buttons that troubles me - it's the way you're expected to use them all at the same time. Take FIFA 2005 - the first and last time I played it was on my mates PS2 with his mid-teen nephew and his friend. Gubbed us. Utterly hammered us and we were playing with someone like AC Milan while they were some unheard of team. I can live with shoot, lob, pass but since when did you have to think about running with the left stick, playing in a lob while using the right stick at the same time to move a man into place to pick up the ball??? As for the single fire button that we grew up on, ever since Street Fighter II on the SNES used all six buttons, I've never looked back nor do I want to but, EA, come on, look at Sensible Soccer :D

I'm surprised to see an "old bugger" saying that kids have more fingers these days though. I stuck to my Atari VCS during the C64/Spectrum days so was brought up with joysticks. My next machine was an ST so again, still mostly joystick-based games. It never ceased to amaze me how my friends could play games with a keyboard, especially the "QAZX/Space" keys which just struck me as so unnatural and bloody uncomfortable to boot... Computers also played host to the flight sims which used so many keys they came with a keyboard overlay and you could record key macros in some to make it easier. And in more recent times, PC games have been loaded up with hot keys for this, that and the other. Surely we had it harder than they do?

I think most games these days that use all of the buttons do so because it provides the flexibility in terms of gameplay mechanics and each probably works in its own genre and fanbase.

I really can't be bothered with football games anymore because (a) I'm rubbish at them now and (b) I don't want to use a different button for a different kick depending on which part of the park I'm in and which stick I'm holding in which direction combined with a specific shoulder button. It just feels like complication for the sake of it...

On the other hand, the controls in the Splinter Cell series have been refined, in my opinion, to perfection. Sure you have to use every button but not at the same time and each means you don't have to open countless menus to change items or weapons, etc. Similarly PGR2 uses the lot but some are for views, some for gears, some are for the sound controls (which is ingenious - I love being to control my playlist without pausing or jumping to a menu) but leave it on automatic gears and you can survive more or less with 3 buttons. Similarly Halo - toggle weapon, toggle light, throw grenade, jump. All of these are actually okay so I think diversity in the control function and not expecting you to press them all at once is acceptable but 4 buttons to do variations of the same thing is a bit much.

If 11 year old kids are getting better than us at playing games then the parents should be kicking them outside to play more with their friends. I'm not particularly bothered about their health, fitness or social skills - I just don't want to get shown up in front of them ;)




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I must admit that I was pretty good on a keyboard during the old Speccy days! In fact we even used to get two of us on one keyboard at times! Believe me there wasn't a lot of space to manouver there and you had the age old problem of inter-reacting keys where (due to the way the keyboard was mapped) if you pressed your left key it would cause player 2 to jump, or if you pressed up & left for a diagonal it would cause him to shoot! It took ages to find a decent set of keys that were a suitable distance away from each other to be practical.

When playing solo I was a big fan of QAOP Space (or M if you were using a 48k rubber keyed model). Also there were some later games that had multiple function buttons as well and you had to be pretty dexterous to play them.

I did use joysticks but when playing four player games like Stock Car Racer, Super sprint, Gauntlet etc. you generally had two on joysticks and two on keyboard.

In my view it's all about learning a control system. Kids are more eager to learn and I guess us adults are too quick to give in and therefore don't master the controls. Playing Pro Evo on a dual shock 2 for instance is like riding a bike for me now and is perfectly natural (basically because i've played the game for 1000's of hours since it's Playstation 1 release around 7 years ago) yet I can see that to a newcomer the controls would be fairly daunting. I even yearn for more controls for that game and i'm eager to learn any new control functions that come out with every new version. I also found FPS games almost totally uncontrolable using the joypad (as I was historically a mouse & keyboard man) but I have since learnt the control system and quite enjoy using X-Box controller now.

So in conclusion i'd say that it's just that we either don't have the time or the patience to get used to control systems but on the other hand the fact that we have to "get used to them" shows that they are not as intuitive as they should be. I'm hoping that the Gamecube controller will change this, however we'll just have to wait and see how that turns out.

Anyway, whilst this is a very interesting conversation we do seem to have totally gone off topic here as this has very little baring on the UK getting 200k 360's before Christmas. May I suggest that if this conversation is to continue that it does so in a new thread. :smashin:



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CAS FAN said:
Anyway, whilst this is a very interesting conversation we do seem to have totally gone off topic here as this has very little baring on the UK getting 200k 360's before Christmas. May I suggest that if this conversation is to continue that it does so in a new thread. :smashin:
Very true - sorry CAS :oops:


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Colgate7110 said:
Very true - sorry CAS :oops:
No probs Colgate, we are all guilty of it from time to time - especially when an interesting discussion (such as this) develops. :smashin:


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jesus you go out for one night get hammered and end up at a house party then come back to colin :D i dont think my eyes will let me view more long posts like that. i like a rant but you hold the crown


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I offered my unopened second 360 on here at cost plus postage but I never had anyone take me up on the offer. A few people patting me on the back but no one wanted it so my 2nd one will be going on ebay on 2nd Dec.

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