UK Philips Pronto 950 or USA 3000



I would love to get a new universal remote for my system - especially so that the wife can use it. However the UK 950 is about £200 and the USA 3000 I can get for 150 delivered all in. I know that the RF frequency is different, but initially I doubt that I will use that (plus could just buy a US extenda). I have a Panasonic ae500 projector, yamaha amp, normal sky and panasonic e85 dvd/hdd. Can I also use a UK dock on a usa pronto to save with a transformer etc. Does the fact that it is programmed for US devices actually make any difference. I would love to get a colour remote but can't justify the money just for a bit of memory and colour screen. Or should I stop being tight and buy the UK model. I just hate the fact that us Brits always get charged more than anyone else for the same thing.


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I just ordered one on ebay, should be getting in a couple of days!!

I like your thinking on the rechargeable batteries! was going to look into the docking station situation but you have made me think. what battery type does it take?


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The TSU3500 is out soon, it's the same as the TSU3000, but with a new 'brighter' screen, labeled and better responding hard buttons and a docking station included...

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