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Our Samsung JU7000 has just died and we're looking for a new 43" to replace it.

At the moment it's looking like either the Sony BRAVIA KD43XH8505BU or Samsung The Frame QE43LS03T...

The TV is for a bedroom and will (most likely) be wall mounted & used for occasional viewing from bed. It'll be mounted on a wall to the right hand side of the bed (possibly on a cantilever but also TBC).

Does anyone have any opinions on either model? I can't seem to find any reviews on the Sony. I know the Sony panel has Dolby Vision, but we have a LGCX for main viewing so not too concerned about that.

Interested to know what the viewing angles are like on either - the JU7000 we're replacing had AWFUL viewing angles, the slightest movement off centre would result in the colours being totally washed out.

When are 2021 models going to go on sale? Wondering if we are better off waiting a few months for more options?


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Don't buy the QE43Q60R. Mine keeps loosing its connection to TV apps such as BBC iPlayer. Every time I turn it on I have to do a complete app log on. Samsung say 'I' need to contact the app supplier to resolve the issue. A good TV but smart - it isn't!!!


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Have a look here, the Sony is under mid tier, struggle to recommend. But IPS panel so better for wider angles

If you want wider viewing angles but less spendy ...

LG 43UN7300 / 43UN7390 - Great smart TV, competitive pricing compared to the competition. Decent in a bright room. 49UN7300 is the first that comes with the magic remote. But you may also find value in the 49UN7100 if you don't care about a smart remote or the UN8000 and UN8100 if you want both smart remote and an extra HDMI port. LG differences here: LG_TV_LineUp_chart_2020_v1.0.pdf

Philips 43PUS7805 / 43PUS7855 - Good choices for the best motion on a budget, basic smart TV. I can't keep track of all the nonsensical naming scheme, but they can be compared here: Philips 2020: Übersicht / Line Up / Range aller 2020er Philips TVs - Toengels Philips Blog. Higher range 8 series models have Android TV instead of basic smart TV, wide colour gamuts. 9 series have better built in sound usually. Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support. Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support.

Sony 43XH8196 / 43XH8096 / 43XH8305 - A costly choice if viewing angles are the priority. Wide colour gamuts. They are the same TV with different motion interpolation strengths/aesthetics. Check Sony's website for differences. You can spend less on the 43X7052 / 43X7053 models instead if you don't want Android TV and will be happy with Sony's basic smart TV and no wide colour gamut.

Generally 43s aren’t recommended, being lower tier. The Samsung frame aren’t deemed great being no different to cheaper models, just aesthetically different


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The top of the Range Sony is currently only £430 at Sony BRAVIA KD43XH9196BU 43" LED 4K HDR Android TV

Mid tier
Spoiler: Alternative TVs I struggle to recommend
  1. Panasonic 43HX900 - Very overpriced considering the TV shares similar caveats with much cheaper options. 120hz IPS Panel. Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support. Wide colour gamut.
  2. Sony 43XH8505 / 43XH9196 - Much like the Panasonic, it costs far too much money. 120hz IPS panel. It one of two paths to a 120hz panel at this size though.

I would go for that if I were you at £700 it was hard to recommend £430 is a very different proposition.


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Look at LG tvs but don't go for 50 inch because it would be a VA screen.


Not a great choice at smaller sizes unfortunately. If you want good viewing angles look at Sony or LG as previously advised. Beware that since all small TVs are low tier and all are no-goers where HDR is concerned, its a good idea not to spend too much as buying a more expensive TV is not going to necessarily get you a lot better picture quality. There's no better example than the frame which is just awful, awful value.

The Sony XH85/XH91 would be good at the aforementioned price of £430 but don't overpay for it.

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